Thursday, July 10, 2008

Staples Update

Well, the sales at Staples ended Wednesday and since Daniel was with Daddy camping up at the Schultz farm, I drug Matt and Sarah with me to two more Staples. I have to say that of all the Staples I have visited, our Staples on Roosevelt Blvd. is the friendliest and most well stocked of them all! Since it was the last day of the sale they didn't seem to mind how many times you went through the line. They still had oodles of folders and pencils. All three of us went through three times!!! My final count for this weeks sale was: 420 folders, 84 packs of pencils and 60 bottles of Purell! And my grand total spent was........$6.06!!! I just find that amazing! And I still have all my army shopping. I know many have made several trips. It looks like we will be well set with folders and pencils. God is so good!!!

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