Tuesday, July 22, 2008

To the doctor!

Today on my to do list was to take Daniel to the doctor for his three-year-old check-up! This in one kid I don't mind taking to the doctor. He is so easy and LOVES going to the doctor. We walked into the doctor's office and he proceeded to talk to EVERYONE! The nurses and doctor thought he was quite a riot! The doctor asked if I was sure he was three as he talks more like a 4 1/2 year-old! I am so glad he talks well as he was born with a tied tongue. That means the frenulum (that little piece of skin under the tongue) is attached to the tip of the tongue making the tongue heart shaped and hard to move freely. He was given a clean bill of health, though the doctor said he was short! He measured in the 35% for height! The doctor said basketball may be his favorite sport, but he won't have the height for it! Oh well! He has a good shot, I guess we'll just have practice that! He measured in at three feet tall and 33 pounds.

Reading Rocks was today and we had a good number attend. There were several new kids in the chapter book section. I inventoried all the supplies that we have so far. I realized today that I only have two more weeks to get things together. I guess Daniel and I will be hitting BIG LOTS and WalMart tomorrow night to get backpacks. (Matt and Sarah will be camping up at Andy's parents with another group Andy is taking up) I have almost everything else. Then it's packing, packing, packing. I put the supplies in plastic bags as I have found it easier to hand each kid a plastic bag after they pick out a backpack. It will be nice when this is done. I am getting my fill of shopping! That's a good thing as it will keep me out of stores for a long while and saving money!

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