Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Stage and Peter Pan!

Since Matt and Josh were four Patsy and I have been taking our boys (and the others as they have grown) to Upper Darby Performing Arts Center for their Summer Stage program. The first show we went to was Peter Pan. We loved it and we were "hooked" (ha!ha!) on Summer Stage. This year we are only able to attend one show (this is a repeat year as we have seen most of the others presented this summer) and that was today! We went and saw Peter Pan! It was so much better than I remembered! I think as their stage productions have grown, so have their skills! This year they flew in the air!!!!! It was great! Matt and Sarah enjoyed it so much! We went with Patsy and her kids, Josh and Rachel and with Carisa and her son Paxton. The kids in the production were AMAZING! I am always surprised by their skills and abilities. It really is a first rate production and the tickets are so reasonable, $8 a seat! Well worth it for the live performance. What I also enjoy about Summer Stage is that the actors go outside so that everyone can meet them, get their autographs, and get pictures! They are great! Can you tell I love this activity?

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