Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Pool is COOL!!!

When we bought our house it came with an above ground pool. Over the years I have often thought of taking the pool down so that we could have land to play on. The pool takes up most of the back yard. It would be great to have a swing set to send the kids out to play on - but on days like we have just had - we are EXTREMELY thankful for a pool! The kids have been in it non-stop since Monday. AS a result, Matt has been SOOO tired! It's good for him to be tired. His mind doesn't shut off very easily at night, but for the past three days he has been drifting off to sleep very fast!Another highlight of the week has been a group doing an after school program in the afternoons from 3:30-5:30 pm. On Monday I had to literally kick Matt and Sarah out of the house to go to this program. They have been getting too comfortable staying at home doing basically nothing! When they came home they were so glad they went! They are really enjoying the group and the different educational activities for which they earn points. As of today, Matt had the most points and Sarah was in second place. Matt is excited. But he is Matt and is doing only the work that he has to to get the most points. He is funny as he comes home each day and tells me the kids running the program are just like me as they keep telling him he could do so much more! Maybe one day he will realize his full potential.

An update on my dryer - the third one is working and will hopefully keep working for many years to come!

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