Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I know many other women in the world "think" that their kids have the best father in the world - but I happen to "know" that I do! He is everything a kid could want and need. He is caring, loving, fun, and yet firm. But best of all he is a Godly father, teaching and training his kids in the ways of the Lord. I am extremely thankful that God lead me to such a fine man and even more grateful to his parents who raised him to be the man he is today. It is my prayer that my sons' future wives will be as thankful to me as I am to them. He's going to hate the picture, but he is on his computer with all the good pictures - mine only has a few. Oh well!

Poor Daniel is sick. He has been running a fever since Saturday, but tonight it just seemed to get worse. He keeps telling me his tongue hurts. So I checked out his little tongue and could see nothing wrong with it. I believe now, however, that he is meaning his throat and just doesn't know the correct word. I think it is off to the doctor tomorrow (AGAIN!!! For the third time in three weeks! The last two times were for Matt's infected big toe!). I believe he may have strep throat. Poor Matt is disappointed about his birthday being interrupted by a doctor's visit, but I will plan some special outing for later in the week - maybe a movie. Please pray that Daniel will heal quickly.

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