Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Backyardigans and a Bucket

Today my baby is 31 months old. He has made it 31 months without getting physically sick - vomiting. Today that streak ended. He was not eating breakfast and giving Andy a hard time about not wanting to eat when he erupted. He is amazing, though. He hasn't cried or complained and he just keeps going about his business. He didn't even come to me when he got sick again - I discovered it when I picked up his blanket and found yucky stuff! So, I grabbed a bucket and told him what to do - now he carries his bucket with him. He is insistent upon watching Backyardigans, though, which I am inclined to let him do since he doesn't feel well.

Matt and Sarah are a bit distracted since I am trying to help Daniel out and aren't finishing their work as well as I would like them to. I am working on getting them both more independent with their work - not having me hang over their shoulder telling them "keep working" - but they are fighting me on this and want me around as they do all their work. Hopefully, this skill will come with age as I can't see myself attending college with them and telling them "keep working"!

Pray for Andy this week. His schedule is full as he has to get re-certified for the food bank on top of his other weekly activities. He has to take a class at the Philadelphia Community College. He was there last night and will go again Wednesday night. He was disappointed he had to miss God Squad last night, but without this certification he can't get food from the Philadelphia Food Bank to feed the kids that come to God Squad and Teen Club. It is also the food we hand out at Kids Club and give to needy families. We also have the Valentine's Dinner this Friday - so he is out every night this week. Pray for energy, strength, and that he would be able to accomplish all that he has before him.

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