Monday, February 4, 2008

Time Away

Every year at this time Andy and I get the priviledge to go to a pastor's conference held at America's Keswick in Whiting, NJ. This is a great conference and I am always challenged by the speakers. When we first started attending this conference it was very hard for me to go as I had to leave my kids. But as a wise friend told me (thanks Laurie!) it's good to for all of us to get away for a little bit to regroup, reconnect, and realize how much we love each other. How true her words were! So, while the three kids are enjoying time with Andy's parents, we are enjoying time at Keswick.

Tonight was the introduction of the speaker, Phil Johnson. He is quite a powerful, and intellectual, speaker. The title of his message tonight was "Are we losing the battle for the Bible? How evangelicals are compromising the authority and sufficiency of Scripture without even realizing it." Quite a title!!!!! It was a great message but one that I think I need to hear about twelve times before I understand all of what he said. There is definitly a lot to think about. His basic premise was that the current trends in the church are eroding the authority of Scripture. It got me thinking about how I am doing with my three charges. Am I living a life where God's Word is the final authority and I believe it unequivically? Am I showing my kids where in God's Word I am coming up with my reasons for doing things or am I just relying upon my own authority? Am I guilty of not instructing my kids that God's Word is IT - the final authority - without error? So much to think about! I can't wait to hear what he has to say in the morning. We are going to buy the CD as we think Dad would LOVE his message - right up his alley!

Last night, Super Bowl Sunday, we went to visit friends, Kelly and Joe. We hadn't seen them in many months. It was great to talk with them and see their kids. Sarah and Morgan are only a day apart in birth and are the best of friends. I really wish we lived closer so that they could get together more often. Daniel was a riot as they have a real student guitar, which he found! He performed for us at half time! He was so funny - he LOVED this guitar and the fact that it actually made sound! Kelly got some great pictures. I'll have to get them from her and post them. Yes, we are horrible parents and didn't bring the camera. I need to learn to be more diligent about bringing it with me wherever I go.

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