Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Sight to See!

Some of you may remember my concern when I believed Sarah would NEVER learn how to read. She had absolutely NO interest in the written word. She thought it torture to be made to sit and listen to a book and even more so to actually have to tell me about letters, sounds and put them together! Well, after dinner yesterday I found her like this in the dining room! I just laughed! She was actually taking time out of her free time to read! I currently can't keep her supplied with enough books! For her reading log she has over 1800 pages read - and those are just the books I have remembered to record - I know there are several I have forgotten! I thank God for his faithfulness and that He has now given her the desire to read. In fact she just completed reading the book of Matthew in her Bible. Please continue to pray for her as she grows and matures in her faith.

This morning Matt and I started walking. We walked for about 30 minutes, from 7:15-7:45 am. It was good and fun. He has his father's long stride!! He really keeps me going! It was good to start our day off talking and focusing on what we would try to work on as far as attitude and school. My legs felt good, too! I hadn't stretched them in some time. We are going to try and make this a daily event. I think it helps put Matt's mind in the right direction for the day and gets some of his energy to use! It is difficult to get the kids enough exercise when your yard is small and you can't let them out by themselves. I'm going to try and figure out a time when Sarah and I can go walk (she would rather run!) in the afternoons.

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