Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Love.... things!!! Who doesn't?!?! I love to visit a blog called She is really wonderful at posting great coupons she finds from all different kinds of stores. She is usually where I get my CVS deal ideas from. Well, this past week she posted a coupon for the Picture People for a free 8x10 and a free sheet of Valentine wallets. My mom had been "complaining" that she hasn't had a picture of the grandkids for quite sometime. So I called my sister and made arrangements to meet her at the mall last night(she lives right next door to it!). The kids were amazing! We never know what to expect from Daniel - sometimes he will be cooperative, other times he is a nightmare! Last night he chose to be cooperative and we got some really great pictures - not as great as my friend Carisa, who usually takes my kids photos - but ones my mom will cry over when she sees them! We ended up getting my mom a 10x13 photo and my sister and I each got an 8x10 and split the wallets. They also had another great deal going on where you could order 12 postcard photos for $12. They are much bigger than the wallets and only $1 a piece! We ended up buying a set of these as well to give out to aunts and uncles and other friends of ours. Here is a sample of the postcards:After the pictures we went over to spend some time at Lisa's house. The kids love to play with Sam and they often don't get the chance as Sam's schedule is difficult to work around. He spends half the week with my sister and the other half with his dad. It was really great to see him last night - laughing and having a good time with his cousins. Lisa also made the most incredible brownies I have ever tasted! They were Paula Deans recipe with three full size Hershey Bars! Totally sinful!

We are home today and the kids are thrilled not to have to go anywhere! It is almost 11:00 am and they are all still in their pj's! It will be tough getting them out of them today! I am off to finish my laundry and clean some bathrooms!

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