Friday, February 15, 2008

Diapers, Diapers, and more Diapers!

I have to admit - I am TIRED of changing diapers! Poor Daniel has had to have his diaper changed at least once an hour the past two days. It's a good thing CVS has them on sale next week with great ECB's in return! His bottom is raw and I really need to keep on top of keeping the poo from sitting on his delicate backside. He is tired of me changing his diaper. I even had to get him up tonight because he had a messy diaper in his sleep - something he hasn't done since he was an infant. At least he is getting more solid and hopefully the end of this nasty virus is in sight. If he isn't better by Monday I am going to have to take him to the doctor. Please pray for him to get better. He is drinking plenty - can't keep his cup full! So I am not concerned about dehydration. But he is looking a little skinny - he needs to eat and be fattened up!

Tonight was the Valentine's Dinner at church. Andy and I had a great time. We sat with Cheryl and Daniel. They have a son in Teen Club that Andy works with. They are not talkers and so we had to really engage in conversation and pull information out of them. We had fun playing the games that Bill always makes up and Lawrence gave an excellent devotion on what true love is. Our friend Denise babysat the kids and they had a blast playing the Wii with her! They love it when Aunt Denise comes over to play!

We actually have NOTHING planned for tomorrow! I am so excited! I do have to take Matt to the library to borrow the last of the Spiderwick Chronicles. Our library has lent their copy out so we are heading to my favorite library - Elkins Park! They have the friendliest people and almost always have the books I need or want! Matt is excited he has read this whole series in about a week. It's the fastest reading he has ever done. Now he wants to go see the movie. I'll have to see what the reviews say about it.

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