Monday, February 11, 2008

Tired Boy!

The kids are worn out. This morning I had to wake Matt and Sarah at 8:30 am!!!! They never sleep that late! Daniel was up at 7:00 am, but I found him like this at 11:30 am. He was supposed to be playing in his room, but decided to try and call for me at the gate. I guess he called too long - probably ten minutes! He was one tired boy! We have had a lot of late nights and a lot of running around and I think it is starting to catch up on them. It will be an early bed for everyone tonight!

Please pray as we begin school again this week and go for several weeks straight. We have had several sporadic weeks and the kids have gotten out of practice of doing school on a schedule for several weeks at a time. At the moment they are grumpy and argumentative, but hopefully they will get out of their funks and get school finished. I fear it is going to be a long day. The below picture is how we all feel - Daniel just expresses well!

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