Monday, February 25, 2008

Too Smart

I often do not understand the way God works in my life. I am one of those people that just knows He is and tend to not think too deeply about it. I know some people think I am a deep thinker, but I'm really not...being quiet tends to give people the idea that I think deeply. My first born son, however, is an incredibly deep thinker - has been pretty much since birth. I often ask God what possessed Him to give me a son who thinks so deeply. Is it to cause me to think more deeply? Is it to cause me to really depend upon Him to give me the answers because I have not a clue as to what they are? Is it to remind me, once again, I am not in control - He is? I believe it's all these things and more. Today was another opportunity for growth! On both of our parts. It was a stressful day that ended with a good discussion and a resolve to try some new things to get through school and family life. Pray for us as we try these new skills and work on dealing with anger issues. Pray for my deep thinking son - that he would not over think the simple act of God's love, and ours, and would accept it freely and willingly.

Another prayer request is for my brother-in-law as he goes in for surgery tomorrow. I believe they found a cancer spot on his back and they are removing it tomorrow. Please pray that it would go smoothly and they would get it all.

I promised pictures from the kids fun in the snow - here are a few.

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