Tuesday, October 23, 2007

14 Years!

Today is our 14th wedding anniversary! I find it amazing that we have been married that long. It doesn't feel that long - I guess that's good! Our marriage has had many twists and turns, but when you go through it with a guy like Andy, it's pretty wonderful! He is a great man of God, wonderful husband, super father and my best friend! I look at some of my friends marriages and am so thankful to God for the blessing of a fabulous husband. It really is a blessing, one I never thought I would want or have! For those of you who don't know, I had planned on being a single missionary to Africa. But God, in His infinite mercy, saw fit to bring Andy into my life. And after much denying of the relationship, I finally gave in to His plan. What a great plan it has been so far! I can't wait to see what the next 14 years bring!

We aren't doing anything special today. We have Kids Club tonight (what a way to spend our anniversary, huh!? With lots of preteens!!!). The kids think we should have off school! We are, instead, doing a little extra work each day so we can have a half day on Friday. We are planning to go up to Andy's parents this weekend and hit Olive Garden for lunch. Andy loves their All You Can Eat soup and salad. We have a gift card from our Discover Cash Back points, too! That helps the budget. It can get expensive taking all of out to eat. The kids love it since we only go out to nicer restaurants about three times a year - anniversary, Valentine's Day, and my birthday/ Mother's Day since they are usually near each other, if not the same day. Andy knows I like to go out to eat - he doesn't care about his b-day. He would rather put something on the grill since his birthday is near Labor Day. God is good. I have a great husband, three beautiful, healthy kids, wonderful in-laws and parents, caring and loving friends and a ministry that we love being a part of. Praise God with me today!


carisahinson said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! I sure am glad you folowed God's path and not your own, I couldn't live without you!
I love you!

pat said...

I remember your wedding day! Between the wedding and reception, I stopped on the road before the Dotterrer home to appreciate God's handiwork in the leaves of the woods.
Glad too that you chose this path that God provided for you! Have a good time in the country this weekend!