Thursday, October 18, 2007

Beautiful Day!

This weather is crazy! I had just put all the shorts away last weekend - only to have to drag them out for today! All week I had been planning to go to the Elkins Park Library, Montgomery County (the BEST library EVER!!) today. I had put in a request, last Sunday, for some books that I need for history next week. They are the best library because they are always so quick to get requests in and they almost always have what I need for homeschooling, so unlike the Philadelphia Library system. Elkins Park is about a 20 minute drive and so worth the effort. They also have some of the friendliest librarians and a great Used Book Sale at least once a month! Can you tell I just love this library!?!?! It had been quite a while since I had been there. In my effort to be more creative, as well as literature based, I borrowed some fun and interesting books for our history lesson next week - Catherine the Great!!! Hopefully, we'll have fun and learn a lot. After our trip to the library, and since Matt and Sarah had finished all their work for the day (they woke up early and finished by 1:00 pm!) we went to this great little park across the street. The kids had a blast! They played hide-n-seek and tried to scare each other. Daniel joined right in! He LOVED climbing everything and even conquered the web-ladder (top picture). He was so proud of himself! Matt had a great time running around and climbing the wall. Sarah was everywhere! It was fun! It is my hope to try and visit the library every other week and then go to the park. If attitudes keep doing well, it should be a go! Here are some pictures from the day!

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carisahinson said...

YAY!!!! Tell the kids I am so proud of them for finishing their schoolwork and getting to have FUN!!! Maybe we'll join you someday, sounds like fun!