Monday, October 29, 2007

Creep in the Deep

As a rule, Andy and I have decided not to let our children Trick-or-Treat in the neighborhood. It can be dangerous as we don't know everyone in the area. So, we either visit home for their Harvest Party or other, safer, alternatives. So when I got an e-mail that the Adventure Aquarium was hosting a "Creep in the Deep" program I signed the kids and I up! It was a lot of fun! It wasn't crowded at all, making it nice to see all the different fish. We even saw the new Shark Ray - really cool! With it being less crowded I was able to let Daniel walk. He was such a good boy. He held my hand when I told him to and didn't eat any of his candy - though he was REALLY tempted! I often caught him peeking into his bag, but when I told him no, he closed it right back up! He and Sarah had a blast and Daniel picked up the trick-or-treating thing really fast! Daniel went as "Daniel in the Lions Den" and Sarah went as a Veterinarian. Daniel carried around a stuffed lion and Sarah carried around a stuffed Dog. They looked really great! In addition to trick-or-treating they also had pumpkin decorating. Each child got to pick out a pumpkin and decorate it. Daniel enjoyed this - he loves markers, crayons and stickers. Sarah was thrilled beyond belief! They also had a little Pirate Training Show. It was cute - they trained them how to be friendly pirates. Sarah laughed and enjoyed their antics! As you may have noticed Matt's name has been missing. Unfortunately, he had a horrible day and missed out on the blessing of attending this fun event. Matt sometimes gets it in his head he is 30 instead of ten and he doesn't have to listen to authority. I felt horrible about leaving him behind, but we have learned that Matt only understands the severity of the situation when we take away things that are important to him. Tonight was important. Please pray that he would learn to submit to his authority - more importantly, God's authority. Pray, also, for Andy and I to lead him in the right way.

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