Friday, October 5, 2007

A Good Ending

The week ended so well! Much better than I ever had anticipated! Monday was such a horrible day, but God, in his infinite mercy, stepped in and worked in Matt's heart. He has been cheerful and willing to do his work. Today he finished his work by 4 pm and was able to enjoy the blessing of going to the church and playing. He was so proud of himself - and so was I! As a bonus Andy bought pizza for dinner! YEAH!!! So we had family movie night - we watched the new Backyardigans DVD. Daniel is really into them and Matt and Sarah are still willing to watch them! So we had a good evening to end our great week!

Tomorrow is PBU's homecoming. We are only going to be able to go for a few hour since it is also our church's big block party. Andy is involved in helping with things and the kids are really excited about the inflatables! Matt is also excited about the Christian Rapper - Da' Truth - who will be performing tomorrow evening - the drawback of raising an inner city kid! I will hopefully be able to post pictures of everything and write about all that happened. Please pray that this block party will impact our community and draw people to the Lord. Also pray for safety and coordination of all the activities - I know there is a lot going on in a short span of time.

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