Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fall Weekend

We finally made it up to Andy's parents on Friday afternoon after almost 3 hours in the car! Between the rain and terrible traffic, it took FOREVER to get there. But it was well worth it! It was so nice to fall asleep to the sound of rain rather than the sound of partying, loud music and car alarms! When I went to bed I just lay there listening to quiet rhythm of the steady rain. It was wonderful. It was still raining heavily when we got up this morning. The great thing about the farm, though, is that there is a barn. The kids LOVE the barn, so many things to look at and investigate! Dad also has a pool table that the kids like to play around on. They had a good time.
After lunch, the sun came out and we decided to go for a walk. One of the things I miss most about living up there are the walks. I remember every Sunday afternoon we (Andy, his parents and I) would go for a walk. It is just so relaxing and at this time of the year so beautiful! It is also great for the kids to get out in the fresh air! Daniel loves the walks. Today we walked down to the creek to see how fast the water was flowing. It was going FAST! We really had to hold onto Daniel so that he wouldn't fall (read: jump!) in. We had fun throwing leaves into the raging creek and watching them float down stream. Unfortunately, it was too wet to jump in the leaves. It looks like we missed that activity for this year. We'll have to wait another year.Matt practicing his juggling (see the black walnut in the air at the top of the photo?)
He is his father's son!

It was a great weekend. It had been too long since we had been up to the country (since August!). The next time we'll get up is Thanksgiving. I can't believe we have to wait that long! It will be here before we know it!

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