Monday, October 15, 2007

45 Days In!

We are officially 1/4 of the way through school! YEAH!!! I know to many of you that seems crazy, but it seems as if we have been doing school for forever - we started July 30th! I am praying about how to handle school. I am trying to listen to the hearts of my children, while also trying to complete the demanding PA requirements. Sometimes I feel our schooling is too schoolish - does that make sense? I had always dreamed that homeschooling would be more interesting and fun. I realize that some book learning has to take place, but it feels like we are in the room too much. I want to be outside and so do they!! Pray that I would find a balance. I know we do far more than Philly schools do, but I also don't want to get lazy and not teach them all they need to know. I wish there were people you could talk to about what to do exactly - but there are so many different theories to homeschooling - no exact set standards. Yes, you have to do math, English, PA History, etc. but I need to find some more creative ways to teach these subjects. Pray that creative juices would start flowing!

It was an okay day of school. Both Matt and Sarah struggled with doing what was asked of them, but we made it through the day. Daniel was a riot! He is REALLY into books right now - Andy says he's a mama's boy! Today he kept bringing me book after book for me to read to him. Even before bed we must have sat for about 30 minutes just reading tons of books - yes, I have TONS! I am also a sucker when it comes to reading and he often delays bedtime by bringing me books! He's so cute, though! I really need to get back to reading to Matt and Sarah before bedtime, too. Life has been crazy, but it is starting to fall into a semi-normal "routine". Maybe I'll get caught up on everything (cleaning, laundry, paper grading, etc.) this week!

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pat said...

What kind of PA history? Does it include anything of the time of colonization or the revolution? I might know some great places to see some reenactments of revolutionary times or Indian times.