Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Today was a great day! Sometime during the night, Matt had a change of heart. He came to both Andy and I this morning and asked for forgiveness for his behavior the past week and has had a complete change of heart! PRAISE GOD! It is totally God! Andy and I were clueless as to what we could do with him. God has answered our prayers. Thank you for praying! Please continue to pray for us as I am sure this journey is not done!

Today I took Matt and Sarah to Kid Sport at PBU (Philadelphia Biblical University). They have such a great time there. I am so glad for this program. They get to run around and learn new games and I get to talk with other homeschooling mom's! Next Tuesday is the last week, it's a six week program. I am currently working on figuring out how to get my kids moving more. Living in the city is deadly to movement. Our backyard doesn't have enough room to run around and I can't let them out front by themselves. I am looking to walk with the kids in the morning and then as a reward for completing their school work by 4:00 pm, taking them up to the church playground with friends to play. Please pray that I wouldn't let my focus be on my "jobs to do in the house", but on my children's needs. They need exercise and air - they focus better and get to release their energy in a positive way!

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