Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lots of Treats!

We had a great day today! First thing this morning I gave the kids the "treat" of not doing math. They were thrilled! It's not that they hate math, well Sarah might, but it takes a long time to complete the lesson. So they were able to get through their school work in record time! As a result they were blessed with an outing! We went to the Camden Children's Garden with the Hinsons'. They had a "Trick-or-Treat" event and since we have a membership (one of the cheapest around) it would cost us nothing to go. They had a great time. The garden is a beautiful little place that has lots of garden paths and various sculptures that interest the kids. They even have this great butterfly house where you can walk around with butterflies flying all around. Daniel loves this place! They had a trick-or-treat parade in which the kids visited different areas and received candy! Once again, Daniel thought this was a great idea! He is definitely my sugar baby! Even though the event was geared for younger kids, Matt had a super time running around with everyone else.
After the Children's Garden we went to the Adventure Aquarium, which is right next door. It was such a treat! I think it was us, the Hinsons' and maybe two other families! We had room to roam and actually see the different fish. We were able to get close and touch the sharks, jellyfish and starfish. Sarah got brave and touched the sharks and jellyfish. It was all very relaxing and wonderful! When we were about to leave all the kids received a small bag with candy and some finger puppet pirates. They really made out well! Afterwards, we went to the Olive Garden and ate dinner with the Hinson's. The kids did amazingly well and we really enjoyed ourselves. It was nice to sit and talk a bit with Frank and Carisa as we don't get to chat with them often, even though we only live two blocks away! We had a great day and what made it even greater was that Andy could join us! We were very blessed to have lots of treats today! I am thankful we have friends that we can hang out with and places we can go to and enjoy with our children. God is so good! Daniel had such a huge day - he came home and started to fall asleep on the floor! He's so funny!

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