Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kids and Clubs

Today was another great day of school. Matt finished his school work by 12:30 pm! He really worked hard! We then had Kid Sport at PBU. Today was the last session. I really wish it would go a few weeks longer. Several of us have made that suggestion - we'll see if they take it into consideration. The kids came home with tons of e-mail addresses as well as Webkinz ID's! If you don't know what a Webkinz is it is a stuffed animal that comes with a code you type into the internet and you interact with your virtual pet online. You can add friends to your list, hence the ID's. We only ever let Matt and Sarah add people we know, so right now their lists are small. They have to earn time online by having good attitudes and getting their work completed. Now they have an extra incentive - new friends!

Tonight was Kids Club and it felt so good to be back! I wasn't able to go to the opening week (9/25/07) as I had to stay home with Matt and Daniel - so tonight was my first time back since we shut down for the summer! We had 29 kids - 16 girls and 13 boys. The girls were pretty chatty and it was fun to goof around with them. Andy did "tape head" as the super challenge tonight. It is so funny to watch. We have the contestants put on a shower cap and then wrap their head in masking tape - sticky side out. They then have to roll their heads in a pile of wrapped candy and try to get as many pieces as possible! It is a riot!!! The girls won the super challenge for the second week in a row!!! We are hoping to shut out the guys this semester! I have to start remembering to take my camera and get shots so all can see the fun! Pray for the preteen leaders this week as we are having small groups next week and each of us will teaching the lesson to a small group. Please pray that He would speak through each one of us.

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