Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Light!

There are days that I just LOVE homeschooling - and today was one of those days. At its start - I wasn't into it at all, neither was Matt, but we ploughed through. We finally got to science (one of my favorite subjects!) and had so much fun! We were discussing Venn diagrams and classification. It was a little tough to get their minds wrapped around it - but then the light came on in Matt's eyes as understanding took place! It was so great! We then had to make a game out of classifying the different shapes and have the next person figure out the different groups. They really had a blast!

Then we did Art, which is Sarah's favorite thing. I am not into doing crafts with kids - you can ask my friend Carisa! But this is Sarah's thing and begs to do them - so we are doing Art on Thursday's. Today was making a shape collage out of two different print papers. They did a great job. I have to figure out how to scan them and put them on the blog. Check back to see if I figure it out!

Daniel has hit an age where he remembers things long term. Last week we went to our local Target to pick up a few things. Daniel's eye caught hold of a Matchbox Firetruck - about six inches long and three inches high with sound. He fell in love with it, but we put it back and put it on his Christmas list. Tonight we had to go and get bread and what not - when Daniel spied the firetruck again! He pointed and carried on! He held it and loved it! But again we put it back - I am definitely going to have to get this truck for him - even though it is noisy as anything! He also found the new VeggieTales DVD. He is really into VeggieTales right now. So we did get that and came home and snuggled on the sofa and watched it. He was so cute! Laughing at Larry and singing the songs afterwards. I think it's great that Matt will still beg to watch the new ones - at ten! I'm glad he's not too old yet! I know one day that will change - and it will be sad!

Please be in prayer for the Wilson family. In an earlier blog I wrote about one of our former teens, Dale, who was murdered this past weekend by his 19 year-old brother. In an article in the newspaper it was discovered that there was an argument over money between the brother and mother. Dale stepped in, essentially saving his mother's life, but losing his own. His mother was stabbed in the leg and is healing. Andy and Frank are trying to make arrangements to visit the family sometime tomorrow. The funeral is Saturday morning. Andy will be going, but I'll be staying home with the kids. We are afraid it may be too much for Matt and Sarah to handle. They knew Dale and Matt is already asking questions about living in the neighborhood. We have talked about how fear can rule our lives, but we know the conqueror of fear. Pray for Matt as he works through his faith in God and where we live. Pray for me as this is not the life I want for my kids, but our Heavenly Father knows best.

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