Monday, November 10, 2008


I am looking for some. I am still struggling with the mess that is my life right now. I am at the point where I am just angry. I am so tired of always looking for bed bugs, tired of cleaning EVERYTHING everyday, tired of not being able to do life "normally". Just when I think we have a handle on this bug thing, things get worse. Tonight, as I gave Daniel a bath, this is what his poor body looked like.

Apparently, he had a guest during nap time and this is what he was left with. I changed his sheets, steamed his bed frame again, and made sure everything was sealed. It is so frustrating. I feel so bad for my boy and his itchy body. The good news from today, however, is that COMAR has agreed to pay for our house to be fumigated along with their house. Hopefully this will take place sometime this week. Please pray that this will be the end. I have been reading horror stories on line of people dealing with these dreadful creatures for up to three years!!!! I will not do that. I will toss everything into a pile and burn it before I deal with them that long. Well, it's off to pack more things away.

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