Friday, November 21, 2008

I was....

starting to relax about this whole bedbug thing as we had found only three today, one was dead, and two were mostly dead (they had a little life left in them). Then I found an incredibly active one on the sofa!!!! I so hate these creatures. I am having a hard time thinking how these creatures could bring glory to God.

We called the exterminator and asked why were finding so many. He explained the stuff they use is something that the bedbugs take back to their nest and infect the nest, hopefully rendering them all incapacitated. This was not something I had read about. I am going to research some more and see if they can't just lay down the poison that kills. He said it would be normal to see activity for up to 10 days after the treatment. They will come December 1st and do the entire treatment again. As far as a third treatment, if they see any activity next door they will come over and treat our house automatically. If they don't but we see bugs, we are to call them and they will come and do a third treatment.

Last night was horrible as I confused my poor husband out of his mind. I had gone to bed thinking about these wicked creatures and inevitably dreamed about them. Sarah had come in and woke me up enough so that I was in the in-between state of dream and awake. I started hitting Andy and telling him there was a bug under the bed. I was panicked and he went to get the flashlight to look under the bed, all the time thinking "How can she see under the bed?" I finally realized that I was dreaming. Daniel then came in and decided that he needed to sleep in our bed. It was an interesting night. Poor Andy though. He has a nutcase for a wife!

Andy has his Teen Club All-Nighter tonight. Who knows how much sleep I'll get. If I'm not sleeping well with the bugs, I know I won't sleep well without him here. He'll be home at about 5:30 am. I guess I'll be pulling an all-nighter as well! Pray for their safety.

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