Sunday, November 9, 2008


If you haven't read the below post, Struggling, read that first to understand this one.

Last night was unbelievable, unless you were living through it. As I was getting ready to go upstairs to head to bed after a VERY long day dealing with bed bugs, I happened to look at the entertainment center a certain way and spied a bed bug. It was definitely God showing me this bug because they are almost the same exact coloring of the entertainment center (reddish-brown). There was also a white plastic bin sitting on top of the stereo speaker that holds Daniel's V-smile game. I found SIX in that bin! I then pulled the speaker away from the wall and found several more along the baseboard, wall, and carpet. We thought they were coming from the baseboard. As we looked up towards the drop ceiling, however, that is where we found MORE!!!! They are coming in through some kind of hole between our house the house next door in the ceiling. I was up until 4:15 am spying them and trapping them with tape. We are keeping them as evidence that we are getting them. We must have caught about 40 of them. And that is only what we saw. I can't even begin to imagine what the house will look like in just a week or so if something is not done.

As I suspected, they are migrating. I am not up for the task tonight. If more come how are we ever going to get rid of them? What about Christmas decorating? I can't pull things out knowing they may get packed up again with bugs on them. We have plans to call the health department tomorrow as COMAR is a business and has a responsibility to keep their facilities clean and bug free. I have no idea what they will do. As of right now I am going through each item we have and packing it away. We will be taking it out of the house. We are going bear bones. The entertainment center is getting tossed in the trash tomorrow. The fireplace will not get put in until this issue is resolved. Thankfully our house is still a comfortable 72 degrees and we haven't had to turn the oil heat on. This whole thing has just been such a mess. I am still struggling, but know that it was God that pointed out what we thing is the entry point to these little beasts. PLEASE PRAY that we will be able to eradicate them QUICKLY. Before they start laying eggs.

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