Saturday, November 29, 2008

Do bedbugs...

take the weekends off? After a horrendous Tuesday and Wednesday and a few on Thursday, we really haven't found anymore. I think Andy found one today. It was this way last weekend, too. We are all getting quite tired of the routine of plastic bags, things packed away, and no Christmas decorations (except for our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!). The kids are starting to get grumpy about the whole situation. Which tends to make parents grumpy. Please pray that this will end soon. As of right now, declaration day is January 26th. That seems like an eternity away. I am hoping we can hold out that long before going bonkers!

Yesterday and today I have been deep cleaning the kitchen. I have pulled everything out of the cupboards, all the baskets down, and pulled everything off the shelves and cleaned. I also decided which Longaberger baskets I will be getting rid of and thinking of how to scale our personal inventory down. I am REALLY trying to become a minimalist! Not such an easy task. I didn't even go out for Black Friday. I am trying so hard not to buy things that we just don't need. I double and triple think on every purchase. I am also hoping that this will help with our bottom line. Not that we were very frivolous, but I wouldn't think twice about purchasing a book for the kids, or an educational toy. But now I am taking advantage of the library more and seeing if friends have the educational item to borrow. I think the scaling down will take quite a while, but I feel good with what I've accomplished today. The only reason I am thankful for bedbugs is the whole push to down-size life!

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