Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good News!

Yes, there is some, finally! Our van is back home! After not having it for more than two months I cannot describe how freeing it felt to be able to hop into the car and go where I needed to go! My husband's only fear was that I would not be returning! If it had been last week he may have been correct in that fear. But I am beginning to handle things better. I haven't cried for two days. My brain is finally realizing that this will go away. It may take awhile, but these bugs will be gone if we are vigilant in our fight with them.

I think the turning point in my thinking was purchasing these:

I know it seems crazy, but after I purchased these (over $100.00!) I felt like I had a plan of attack. Before, everything seemed so overwhelming. I now know what I have to do and follow the plan until we are completely sure we are bug free. How long is that? From what I have read I can't be sure until 55 days after the last bite or sighting. Females can live up to and sometime over 18 months, but if there is a food source, they will come out and eat. They prefer to eat every three to five days. I am praying that we can begin counting around December 1st as that is the second date of extermination.

I have been learning many lessons through this. Namely, I don't need things. I like things, but the things were starting to make me weary. They were taking a lot of time to keep up. I didn't realize how much time, until now. Time I should have been spending with my family, and more importantly, with my Father. I am feeling much better about this trial. Please pray with me that I will continue to put into practice all those things that I have learned and not get lazy and fall back into old habits.

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