Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's only....

1:30 pm and I have already found 6 bedbugs. Only one of them was dead. I had hoped that the pesticides they sprayed on Monday would have started working by now and that I would only be finding bug corpses instead of wriggly legs. I am going to call the exterminator and ask when we should start being concerned. When they were here they said we should start seeing a decrease in activity almost immediately. Since Monday we have found 20 bugs. I don't consider that a decrease in activity. Another issue that has me concerned is the fact that we are getting two treatments, while the house next door is getting three. My fear is if there is no third treatment here, then anything alive over there will travel over here, with nothing to prevent it from doing so. I am going to e-mail COMAR and ask them to consider giving us a third treatment as well, so that I will have more peace of mind. If they do not I am going to ask Ehrlich how much the third treatment will cost and probably pay for it. It will be worth it for my peace of mind.

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