Sunday, November 30, 2008

Extermination #2

Tomorrow is extermination #2, and our "last" scheduled treatment. I am doubtful that the second treatment will be the final one. We have caught more than 50 since the first extermination. That, to me, is not a decrease in activity. I am fully expecting to have to get a third treatment. I found another live one today. I had a pile of beach towels on our heater (we have the tall cast iron coil radiators) that I hadn't gotten around to putting away. As I was doing that task today, I found one. So all of them now have to be washed and dried on HOT! Then I will pack them away. The most frustrating thing to me is that everything I have read says these bugs want to be close to a host and will come out to feed at least every three to five days. Our bugs aren't following the rules!! I have found some in the most unlikely places and it makes me nervous that some of these will be left behind and not die. I would never have imagined treating my coupon bag or the pile of towels. IT IS FRUSTRATING!! What ones am I missing? It is really making me crazy. Please pray as we get exterminated, that it would be effective and that we would not miss any. Please pray that the evil little creatures will come out from hiding and DIE!!!

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